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Placement of a Femoral Venous Catheter

Femoral venous catheterization is a rapid way to obtain intravenous access in hospitalized or emergency department patients. In this video, you will learn how to safely place a femoral line. Placement of a femoral line may be indicated in the following situations: to obtain vascular access when peripheral access cannot be accomplished, to administer hemodialysis when access at a preferable site is not an option, to perform cardiac catheterization, or to administer large or caustic infusions. The following situations are relative contraindications: an uncooporative patient; the presence of infection, trauma, or distorted anatomy at the insertion site




Janet Y. Tsui, M.D., Adam B. Collins, M.D., Douglas W. White, B.A., Jasmine Lai, B.S., and Jeffrey A. Tabas, M.D.


N Engl J Med 2008; 358:e30 DOI: 10.1056/NEJMvcm0801006