Medical (ICU) Data Expert Pacmed


Medical (ICU) Data Expert Pacmed

About Pacmed

Pacmed strives to make healthcare a continuous learning network. All patients should receive care adjusted to their personal needs and all caretakers should learn from all decisions made within healthcare. Pacmed aims to achieve this by building and implementing decision support software based on machine learning. Our software supports intensive care doctors in their most important decisions, starting with safely and adequately discharging patients from the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). You will join at a point in time where Pacmed has implemented its first software in the ICU and is preparing to scale that software across the Netherlands and Europe.

How will you contribute to making health care more data-driven?

You will act as the bridge between the clinic and Pacmed’s development team. Having in-depth knowledge of the workflow, medical practice and data flows in the ICU, you have an essential role in making sure Pacmed uses clinical data adequately to create responsible machine learning algorithms for safe and impactful decision support software that addresses the needs of the clinician in the ICU. Important aspects of the job include:
• Identifying opportunities to enhance the validity and homogeneity of data outputted by Pacmed's EHR data processing infrastructure
• Clinically defining clinical concepts to be translated in code
• Medically interpreting and validating the results of the outputs, for example machine learning models
• Bring clinical expertise into Pacmed’s product strategy and new product development
• Interacting with external clinicians to communicate and validate results of machine learning algorithm development
• Monitoring the behaviour and impact of the machine learning algorithms in production
• Supporting junior medical staff with medical validation

Why is Pacmed a great place to work?

• The opportunity to work in a dynamic scale up on a societal mission.
• The opportunity to stay close to the practical clinical world while also working on the future of (AI in) healthcare
• The opportunity to grow your responsibilities together with the scaling of the company
• You work together within a vibrant community of experienced data engineers & data scientists and leading technical and medical academics, continuously pushing the field forward through innovation.
• Pacmed embraces diversity and equal opportunity. We are committed to building a team that represents a variety of backgrounds, perspectives and skills, regardless of race, sexual orientation, age, ability to work, sex and gender
• A lot of opportunity for personal development (e.g. development Fridays, soft skills training, budget for online courses, visiting conferences).
• A young, talented team dedicated to help each other grow through teamwork and collaboration in a culture where everyone is respected and heard.
• The opportunity to become part of Pacmed’s employee participation plan.
• A dynamic working environment where fun at work and social events are very important.
• A great office at the heart of Amsterdam with opportunities for (partially) remote working or part-time working


• You have a medical degree (MD)
• You have practised medicine in an ICU
• You have an advanced understanding of clinical practice in the ICU
• You have an advanced understanding of clinical data and clinical (EHR) databases
• You have affinity with data science and preferably basic understanding of python and machine learning
• You fit in an inclusive and respectful working culture where everyone’s opinion is heard.
• You are a team player that creates positive energy and cares about the well-being and development of others in the company.
• Speaking Dutch is strongly preferred

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woensdag, februari 2, 2022
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vrijdag, april 1, 2022
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